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  Path: Boss Encounters :: Ulduar :: Assembly of Iron

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There are 3 general ways to approach this fight. Depending on which of the mini-bosses you decide to kill last (Stormcaller Brundir, Runemaster Molgeim or Steelbreaker), the mechanics your raid will need to overcome to defeat the encounter changes. In this sense, I feel that the fight has a lot of replay value while you are progressing; however, most people skip the "intermediate" difficulty stage (killing Molgeim last) entirely. There is very little incentive for approaching the fight in this manner, and I don't feel the difficulty gap between Molgeim-last and Steelbreaker-last (where the real reward is found) is especially large.

Cheese, on September 28, 2009 08:37:23 (edited once)   [ Reply ] 


A great "execution" fight that you can spend a night wiping on while you're learning the pull, but great payoff when you finally master it.

Galanis, on October 23, 2009 06:52:52   [ Reply ] 


This one is totally EPIC on Hard mode 25 man! another memmorable fight that is a real challenge for the entire raid. this fight was great as a healer! it's so much fun when you can find a fight that allows your healers to push 8k HPS because of all the raid damange coming in. A fight you can really let loose on as a healer and really truly push yourself!.. but only on 25 man hard mode.

Columhcill, on October 23, 2009 07:46:09 (edited once)   [ Reply ] 


My favorite boss quotes in LK are from this fight.

Vizier, on October 23, 2009 03:18:47   [ Reply ] 


"My death only serves to hasten your demise."
"What have you gained from my defeat? You are no less doomed, mortals!"
"You rush headlong into the maw of madness!"

Lmh86, on October 24, 2009 10:33:50   [ Reply ] 


Steelbreaker is credit to Assembly!

DOGE, on March 1, 2010 02:43:14   [ Reply ] 
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