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So beautiful =)

Maitri, on October 23, 2009 05:53:50   [ Reply ] 


Not a bad area for neutral RPers I guess, but I was glad to move onto nagrand, I was getting sick of seeing nothing but mushrooms -_-.

Bart95, on October 23, 2009 06:28:48   [ Reply ] 


Great zone, but I ended up feeling like it took just a little too long to leave.

Jumboface, on October 23, 2009 06:49:41   [ Reply ] 


One of my favourite zones in the entire game. Music, scenery, factions, dungeons, everything.

Robert, on October 23, 2009 08:19:56   [ Reply ] 


Toss-up between this and Nagrand for coolest-looking zone in the game.

Plus, mushroom men!

Khelest, on October 23, 2009 10:14:58   [ Reply ] 


Such a lovely place! Too bad the fishing spots are so hard to see.Fish tracking is the best option if that is what you are there for. The Sporregar need a mount though.I'll just take one of their young and glue some cardboard wings on it. Maybe if i eat a few of their people I can just 'imagine' they can fly.

Thyme, on October 23, 2009 03:10:59 (edited once)   [ Reply ] 


While the art style of this zone is fantastic, it does get tiresome, especially considering how much time one has to spend there in order to complete all the quests. Giving it 3/5, simply because I am torn: on one hand I hated the experience, on the other I cannot deny that it looks amazing.

Imago, on October 23, 2009 08:50:12   [ Reply ] 
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