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Aggramar is a male vanir titan. The bronze giant stares down impassively, his body wrapped in a gold toga. A huge, oddly-shaped sword is sheathed across his back; the blade almost looks like the broken shard of some larger construction.

Aggramar begins most conflicts with meteor swarm and a wish to improve his defenses (granting him additional deflection, or making him immune to low powered spells). He then uses storm, earth, and fire and enters melee, attempting to flank an opponent with the fire and air essences while the earth essence keeps other foes at bay. When the duration expires, Aggramar uses avatar and remains in melee, using his Epic Spellbreaker feat against spellcasters. He also favors Improved Awesome Blow and Moving Whirlwind Attack when the situation warrants. He alternates between avatar and storm, earth, and fire depending on the nature of his opponents.

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