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Therazane is a monstrous humanoid covered with stones, earth, and clinging plants. She has squat legs and four powerful arms, and the suggestion of large, saggy breasts and wide hips indicate that she is a female. Her unblinking eyes of gold-flecked agate look out into the world from her one head, but there are two other faces to be seen as well.

Therazane the Stonemother is ruler over the earth, dirt, rock, and mountains. She is revered by all earth elementals and creatures that dwell underneath the ground. Some druids of the wild see her as the embodiment of all that is peaceful and calm about the world. Some sages believe she feels pain whenever the ground is sundered and weeps at the destruction wrought by Deathwing and his ilk. If so, however, she has done nothing specific to oppose the great dragon. Therazane is the most peaceful of the Elemental Lords. She is a patient, loving, motherly type who encourages growing things and loves simply to spend long periods of time relaxing with those creatures that make their homes upon her. She often feels as though she is always at war with the other Elemental Lords: Al'Akir erodes her surface with winds, Neptulon beats his waves constantly upon her shores, and Ragnaros is a blazing furnace that churns at her fiery core. She would be perfectly happy if the three of them would just go away. Therazane is slow to anger and attempts to avoid combat whenever possible. If roused to battle, however, she can be a fearsome, powerful opponent. She typically drives toward the most dangerous foe, smashing her target into tiny red pieces before moving on to the next. Should she be seriously challenged, she simply sinks into the earth and retreats.

It is theorized by some that the kind and gentle Earthmother to which the tauren refer to is this creature.

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