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Frost is an AMAZING spec!

- AoE
- High Crowd Control
- Water Elemental

- DPS not as high as the other three specs, Arcane, Fire, or frostfire.
- Not a viable raid spec.

Many mages would love to see frost made as a raiding spec.

Success, on September 30, 2009 09:37:38   [ Reply ] 


yes i love frost as well, but i don't raid on my mage.
You get so much control over the mobs, it's a complete game of "I kill you, and you never even get a chance to touch me"

Soap, on October 12, 2009 08:54:32   [ Reply ] 


The one class that 1v1 can dominate any other class. When thinking deathknights are overpowered in PvP, i see a frost mage and remind myself that they cant hold a candle to it.

Neuropox, on October 23, 2009 03:07:41   [ Reply ] 


With the upcoming changes in the Icecrown patch, we might see more PvE frost mages. :)

Spellbreak, on October 23, 2009 11:22:27   [ Reply ] 


Im hoping ill start playing my mage again, can't get into fire, and though arcane pwns....its BORING!!!...Frost ftw, hoping the changes will make it viable : /

Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009 04:31:23   [ Reply ] 


I like the way I can kite melee with this spec. Good damage and good CC, maybe a bit OP but still...

Darakius, on October 9, 2010 05:59:19   [ Reply ] 
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