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Capital Cities :: Dalaran


Dalaran, the city of mages has a lot of neat things! There is a gnome mage that runs around randomly and sheeps visitors. There are citizens of Dalaran, sewers you can go into. Lots of magic aray and fun things. Two banks, many mailboxes.

Dalaran is beautiful.

The big con to me, as a mage is the trainers cannot respec.

Success, on September 30, 2009

Capital Cities :: Darnassus

Capital Cities :: Orgrimmar


Orgrimmar is a trade central city, however though it is a large and very confusing city.

Success, on September 30, 2009

Capital Cities :: Shattrath

Capital Cities :: Silvermoon


I love Silvermoon! I simply love, love, love it!

Silvermoon was built beautifully. It is a roomy city, and simply, if it was a better location for an actual hub, I can see it becoming an ideal city for the Horde. This city originally had mailboxes like at every corner before the mailbox patch. This city also is built to be nearly lag free. Two different auction houses and banks, on seperate sides of the city, so people are not crammed together.

All the trainers are nicely spread out in the city instead of all being in the same place or line. All the trainers also have beautiful hubs, such as the tailor shop having gnome slaves working under it. The Blood Elves used to have a naaru hidden, but have an impressive training center. The rogues have an entire workshop, etc. The forge is amazing.


Success, on September 28, 2009

Capital Cities :: The Exodar

Classes :: Mages

Classes :: Mages :: Arcane


I find Arcane to not be mana effiecent and not as much fun to me.

Success, on September 30, 2009

Classes :: Mages :: Fire

Classes :: Mages :: Frost


Frost is an AMAZING spec!

- AoE
- High Crowd Control
- Water Elemental

- DPS not as high as the other three specs, Arcane, Fire, or frostfire.
- Not a viable raid spec.

Many mages would love to see frost made as a raiding spec.

Success, on September 30, 2009

Playable Races :: Blood Elves


Blood Elves are a race with an amazing backstory to them. People may complain they all may be girls and all but they are not. Blood Elf's are one of my favorite races due to not only their looks, their story. A male blood elf can be seen more like a slim build.

Their home land is beautiful and wonderfully designed. The Blood Elf starting area is simply is one of the most well designed starting areas. The city itself, even though half of it has been destroyed is massive. The city was designed with an awesome idea in mind.

Success, on September 28, 2009

Playable Races :: Tauren


Taurens are fun. Though their starting area is horrible. But, Taurens are amazing at their roles and are an interested addition to races in World of Warcraft. Their city is really roomy, and airy, and they give a comfortable feeling.

However standard tauren jokes:

Hmm...I feel like steak!
I like to tip cows.

Success, on September 28, 2009

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