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Battlegrounds :: Alterac Valley


Rated 4/5. It would have been a 5 if it had remained like the old AV.

Smite, on October 23, 2009

Boss Encounters :: Black Temple :: Illidan Stormrage


Illidan was a far more menacing and terrifying 'main threat' than Arthas is in Wrath of the Lich King. Sure you did not encounter him very much unless you were able to raid Black Temple, but that just made him seem all the more wicked and elusive.

Arthas has a pip pip tally ho gaming arena set up at his front door, a zone full of soloable nancy mobs, where his enemies kill themselves daily to show him how laughable he is. Illidan has a zone shattered and torn by horrible ganking demons, eruptions in the ground and a palpable feeling of dread throughout.

However, I do not like how TBC turned Illidan into a generic 'I RULE ALL, FEAR ME MORTALS ROWRRRR!' villain rather than the compelling character he was in Warcraft III. So 4/5.

Smite, on October 23, 2009

Boss Encounters :: Karazhan


An absolutely superb instance in so many ways, on so many levels. It completely blows Naxxramas out of the water as far as entry level raids go and frankly it is the most enjoyable I have ever played in.

Karazhan has a very good level of trash mobs, not too many as to make it tedious but not too few to make it seem like a badly disguised loot generator and nothing more. The place oozes atmosphere, the bosses are all unique from each other and have their own quirks, and the loot was really good for its time.

Smite, on October 23, 2009

Boss Encounters :: Karazhan :: Prince Malchezaar


You face not Malchezaar alone....but THE LEGIONS I command.

Fairly underwhelming as end bosses go, considering how amazing the rest of the instance's feel was. But he was fun, challenging (at first) and sounded nasty.

Smite, on October 23, 2009

Boss Encounters :: Karazhan :: Shade of Aran



My favourite boss encounter in the game. Amazing voice acting, a link to important lore, excellent gadget fight and rewarding loot.

Smite, on October 23, 2009

Boss Encounters :: Molten Core :: Ragnaros

Boss Encounters :: Outdoor Bosses


Don't be silly, they're not casual enough.

But trust me, I couldn't agree with you more!

Smite, on October 24, 2009

Boss Encounters :: Outdoor Bosses :: Hogger

Boss Encounters :: Sunwell Plateau :: Kil'jaeden

Boss Encounters :: Tempest Keep: The Eye :: Kael'thas Sunstrider

Capital Cities :: Orgrimmar


Orgrimmar is the capital of the Orcs and the Horde itself. It has an annoying layout but that is fine once you get used to it.

Oh and it's orange. Very, very, VERY orange.

Smite, on October 23, 2009

Capital Cities :: Stormwind


The best faction city in the game. It has an excellent balance of scale, accessability, appearance, flavour and lack of orangeness.

Smite, on October 23, 2009

Capital Cities :: The Exodar


They could have come up with a more exciting faction city for the Draenei. Or at least planned a few patches later for it to be converted into a proper city that isn't in a constant state of disrepair/verge of exploding. No wonder it is a ghosttown and so easy to infiltrate when you fight For The Horde.

Smite, on October 23, 2009

Capital Cities :: Thunder Bluff


Thunderbluff is a very attractive city which always exudes a feeling of tranquility and peace.

...Partially because no one goes there.

Smite, on October 23, 2009

Capital Cities :: Undercity

Characters :: Burning Legion :: Archimonde

Characters :: Burning Legion :: Sargeras

Characters :: Burning Legion :: Varimathras


Much much cooler before they grabbed a janitor to re-do his voice part of the way through WOTLK. Overall though an excellent character who has many machinations, both apparant and otherwise.

Smite, on October 25, 2009

Characters :: Dragons and Aspects :: Malygos


Ruined by Wrath of the Lich King.

Must everyone go MAD as an excuse for us to fight them? Poor storytelling.

Smite, on October 23, 2009

Characters :: Elementals :: Ahune

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