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Boss Encounters :: Trial of the Crusader :: Val'kyr Twins

Capital Cities :: Orgrimmar


Now it is past the shattering. The orcs have rebuilt the city after the great disaster, and now it is more fortified than before. Wyrvern guards fly in packs above the city to prevent intruders from decending from the skys (though i'd love to see a city raid in any major city where intruders do fly in!). Garrosh now warchief in Thrall's absence is overlooking opperations in the horde from Orgrimmar in the Valley of Strength. Will the warchief cause more strife among the horde inhabitants, and will Thrall let that happen? Soon, we shall see!

Drarkan, on May 7, 2011

Characters :: Orcs and Half-Orcs :: Drek'Thar

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