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Im not very fond of BGs to be honest, I keep getting paired up with idiots who try to do everything by themselves one at a time, eg in wsg, one of ours goes into enemy base, ON HIS OWN, he gets killed by opponents who know to stick together, another enters the base solo, gets killed, rinse and repeat. we practicly have a line up/down the BG.
Because of 'tactics' like these I've won in total around 10 matches and Ive played around 100 of 'em.
If you can get your team to stop being stupid, a BG can be fun, otherwise it's just a timewaster.

Bart95, on November 12, 2009

Battlegrounds :: Arathi Basin


Ive won 1 match in this. around 40 matches played, I swear Im ALWAYS paired with idiots who end up doing the 'circle' tactic and never bother to defend the flags.

Keepin' it simple, Team captures area, moves to next one, moves to next one, first one gets stolen, moves onto next one, second area gets stolen, next area, third area gets stolen, recapture 1st area, and so on and so on.

Bart95, on November 12, 2009

Battlegrounds :: Eye of the Storm


Dear god no!
On Darkspear EU the alliance NEVER wins this thing! they all get 'Flag horny' and waste time and effort grabbing the flag instead of bases for example:

*allys capture flag*
Me: Great job guys! but we ONLY HAVE ONE F***ING BASE!!

Typical EotS match on DS right there -_-;

Bart95, on June 16, 2010

Battlegrounds :: Warsong Gulch


a'men to that, damn soloers *shakes fist* ><

Bart95, on November 12, 2009

Boss Encounters :: Icecrown Citadel


just wanna play Wilys castle theme 1 from Megaman 2 in the background when I go through this place :D

Bart95, on June 25, 2010

Boss Encounters :: Icecrown Citadel :: The Lich King


Have yet to stab this guy, but he's only a human so if the game was more realistic it would only take a good stab through his heart to kill him right? But for the sake of gameplay he needs 10/25 peeps as well as stabs, burns and mangles :P

Bart95, on June 17, 2010

Capital Cities :: The Exodar


okay so hardley anyones there, less lag for me :D, I think it's much more 'original' than other cities

Bart95, on October 23, 2009

Capital Cities :: Thunder Bluff


ah, just love using knockback against alliance =W=

Bart95, on August 12, 2010

Characters :: Draenei :: Prophet Velen


On planet argus, spaceship crashes YOU!

Bart95, on June 22, 2010

Characters :: Dragons and Aspects :: Alexstrasza

Characters :: Humans :: Arthas Menethil


No comments on the lich king?

Safe to say Arthas was always a bit of a Douche I mean in the 5 man in the caverns of time I hate to say it but he sounded rather...irritating always 'Scourge this and Scourge that!' and now he's 'Kill this and The living that'!

Bart95, on June 12, 2010

Characters :: Humans :: Varian Wrynn


Chin? Cool!
But he is pretty much a Human version of Garrosh ¬¬

The battle for the undercity
Varian: "this victory was well earned and-OMIGAWD THRALL!! DIIIIIIIIIE!!!!"
Agronok (Me) : /facepalm

and yes I AM aware of his backstory but attacking Thrall in a HORDE city!? Really!?

Bart95, on June 12, 2010

Characters :: Naaru


one of my fav races in a game of all time, and those that say they don't do anything, try reading a bit of lore, the ones in shattarath are stopping the legion invading

Bart95, on October 23, 2009

Characters :: Naaru :: A'dal



Bart95, on October 23, 2009

Characters :: Scourge :: The Lich King - Arthas Menethil


when was that?
can't wait to own him in 3.3 XD

Bart95, on October 23, 2009

Characters :: Tauren :: Cairne Bloodhoof


Yup, we aknow how it will REALLY happen blizz! and even if Cairne IS excecuted!...Thunderbluff was merely a setback!

Bart95, on June 12, 2010


I play alliance and only occasionally Horde (Normally as a Tauren though) and if Garrosh kills Cairne I will go Blood Death knight on him!

Bart95, on June 12, 2010


Cairne and Thrall both want peace but Varian and garrosh are NOT helping, besides the Tauren owe the Orcs after they helped them against the centaur.

Bart95, on June 12, 2010

Characters :: Tauren :: Magatha Grimtotem

Classes :: Death Knights


bad reputation due to people sharing their friends account just to make one and they have no idea how to play (Wiped on a 5 man and one guy said "Lol, DK doesn't know how to play, start at 55 but new to wow LOL" despite me playing this game for over a year now).

I like the idea of an almost unlimited supply of power through runes, I dislike spell casters because if you run out of mana your pretty much screwed but with runes they just recharge and runic power is easy to build up so with runes on cooldown I just use up all my RP until they've recharged.

Bart95, on June 12, 2010

Classes :: Death Knights :: Blood


Blizz has been hitting the peace pipe again.
Blood's gonna be the tanking tree after Cata O_O;...the fu-?

Bart95, on June 12, 2010


well: Blood=Violance=DPS is the theory so I guess that explains it.

Bart95, on July 29, 2010

Classes :: Death Knights :: Frost


great for DPS and tanking, but I chose this for leveling DPS because let's face it FAAAAR too many Blood DPS players (Most have 'Cullen' somewhere in their name!)

Edit: well I've discovered Frost tanking is very hard to spec as right now we have to choose PvP or DPS talents just to get to the decent tanking ones :/

Bart95, on June 12, 2010

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