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Want to see all your toons in a single, automatically refreshed image? Organize them in groups, teams and display some group stats? Look no more, this is exactly the tool you want.

You will need to sign in or register to use the Maxi Toon List tool.

First, give your Maxi List a name. This is the code you will use to display it later on.

Then, decide how you want your Maxi List to look like.
Depending on where you want to display it, you might want to pick a dark or light background, or even make the background transparent.
You can also adjust how the characters will be displayed: at an angle on a horizontal line, in a single column, or in columns of x rows. (Click to view an example below)

Finally, add content to your list. Your characters of course, but you can also add labels and spacers and even give some group average stats. (Click here for an example)

Maxi list "at an angle"

Once you are done, generate your Maxi List. Just click on the "Create Maxi List" button to generate the final image. You will then be provided with the details (URL, BBCode, HTML) to access it.

To get started, click any parameter on the left.
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