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"Why another Signature tool?" some will ask..

Well basically because i'm tired of seeing those forums posting with 3-4 sigs stacked on top of each other...
I have a few alts myself, and always wanted to have a way to display the main ones in one Sig.. Well, here it is!

Using an animated Gif, the signature will first show a list of the adds, and then will cycle through the listed toons individually, showing common Armory information for each of them.

Sample Multi-Toon Sig

You will need to sign in or register to use the Multi-Toon Sig tool.
You will then also be able to claim previously created Sigs, and renew those that need to.

How to create a New Sig?

To begin, just type a toon name in the box on the left, and fill in the settings that will appear on the right.
Then do the same for the next toon, and so on.

When you're happy with the settings, click the create Signature button.
You'll be presented with the code to use it in html and bbcode.

Note that you can create as many Sigs as you want, but if a toon is found in more than one Sig, only the latest will be kept.
The others will be automatically deleted (no matter what other toons might be on those Sig)

It's 100% Free! but if you feel generous, please make sure you click the adds or the Paypal Donate button ;-)

  Thanks for using WoW Stuff!

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