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The community has given Orgrimmar under scourge attack an average score of 4.4 / 5 ...
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Orgrimmar under scourge attack 3 8 Score: 4.4

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The rating system consists in 5 levels matching the WoW item quality colors.

5 Artifact e.g. Absolutely fantastic, nothing beats it.
4 Legendary e.g. Awesome, exciting and memorable.
3 Epic e.g. Fun, what gaming should be like.
2 Rare e.g. Meh, not altogether overwhelming.
1 Uncommon e.g. Disappointing, could have been much better.

The votes will result in an average score ranging between 1 (bad) and 5 (good), and a visual representation (called a 'candy' graph) such as below:
9577 26%
9077 25%
9535 26%
5394 15%
3207 9%

Overall results of all listed topics, for a total of 36790 ratings

The better the topic the larger the Legendary / Artifact portions will be. Boring topics will have more Uncommon and Rare portions.
An unrated topic will display an empty candy graph.

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