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  Path: Dungeons :: Outland :: Auchenai Crypts

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*sigh* Crypts. I hated when this was the daily heroic. Lots of trash. Trash that created more trash. And only two bosses. A third boss would've made it worth running more.

JunkHead, on October 23, 2009 10:53:46   [ Reply ] 


The original exiles on Draenor found death to be an unsettling and unfortunate consequence of life, and so loyal draenei priests hid their dead away in the subterranean grave-city of Auchindoun, a labyrinthine marvel located deep within the forests of Terokkar.

Tortus, on October 24, 2009 09:50:56   [ Reply ] 


yea, this place is amazing on the coolness factor when you first enter...
and its right up their in the difficulty spectrum, and their is little point in doing it...

i dont much like it overall

Mistical, on October 24, 2009 11:26:40   [ Reply ] 
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