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One of the most awesome Titans ^.^

Flamdo, on October 23, 2009 09:03:38   [ Reply ] 


Freya is a daughter of the titans. She was formerly a protector of all living things, aided by three stoic elders. Though her conservatory remains lush and verdant, she has also succumbed to the Old God's maddening presence.

Avatar of Freya, the Lifewarden, is the embodiment of one of the aspects of Freya. She left Avatar of Freya on Azeroth, issuing it one task it couldn't fail: to protect life on the world at any cost.

Freya resided in the Temple of Life in the eastern area of the Storm Peaks until Loken started his rebellion against the other titanic watchers. Today, she is absent. It is said that evidence indicates a significant battle and that the opponent of Watcher Freya was estimated to be of similar size and strength to Watcher Freya. Temple guardians are no longer present and plant forms associated with the temple are deceased.

Tortus, on October 24, 2009 08:25:39   [ Reply ] 


Shares her name with my daughter, Freyja >.<

More wiki information available here regarding the original Freyja of the Norse Mythology (on which the WoW Freya character is based, like most Northrend mobs and names)

"Freyja is portrayed as a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful, Freyja is described as the fairest of all goddesses, and people prayed to her for happiness in love. She was also called on to assist childbirths and prayed to for good seasons"
Freyja is the also considered the head of the Valkyries.

Interesting read if you're into Mythology.

Soap, on November 27, 2009 09:59:35   [ Reply ] 
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