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  Path: Professions :: Leatherworking

Leatherworking is a crafting profession that goes hand-in-hand with the gathering profession of Skinning. As a leatherworker, you will create leather and mail armor out of the skins and hide of wild beasts. You can also create armor kits, which are single-use items that give a permanent armor or statistic boost to any type of hand, leg, chest, and foot armor. At high levels, leatherworkers can create epic quality armor, some of which can only be created by a leatherworker of a particular specialization.

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bigger, thicker, darker o yes baby!!!

Troll, on October 19, 2009 03:11:31   [ Reply ] 


LW Is just so pro.

Impulses, on October 23, 2009 04:37:22   [ Reply ] 


Fur linings make me all tingly inside

Heroblade, on October 23, 2009 04:49:03   [ Reply ] 
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