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This large troll is draped in black robes and wears a black-and-white, wooden mask reminiscent of both necromancy and voodoo. Wrinkled hands grip a dark quarterstaff with a humanoid skull on the top. Zalazane, in his mid-50s, decided that his people did not need the help of the orcs in order to succeed. He was further offended when he heard about Thrall's distrust of arcane magic. With the help of a number of similar-minded trolls - and summoned zombies - Zalazane drove most of his fellow jungle trolls from the Echo Isles. He continues to attack the other trolls of the Darkspear tribe, and his reasoning is unknown. The source of his knowledge of necromantic magic is equally mysterious. In combat, Zalazane begins the fight by summoning undead. He then uses death coil and other offensive spells until he exhausts his repertoire, then wades into melee or retreats.

Zalazane's experiments on the Echo Isles had progressed far further than the Horde ever anticipated, and the trolls created greater undead, such as abominations. The warchief called for a full assault on the Echo Isles before the situation escalated.

When the Darkspear trolls returned to the Echo Isles, only to be betrayed by Zalazane, he used dark magic to rob several other trolls of their free will, forcing them to obey him. As his influence spread, his army grew while the number of free Darkspears dwindled. Fearing that all of his people would fall to Zalazane's insidious sorcery, Vol'jin ordered the tribe to abandon the Echo Isles.

Thus, the free Darkspear trolls left the islands and created the fishing village of Sen'jin on the Durotar coast, just northwest of the Echo Isles.

Today the Darkspears and their allies frequently strike at Zalazane's holdings on the Echo Isles, determined to win back the trolls' first home on Kalimdor. In the meantime, Zalazane has not given up in his efforts to enslave his entire tribe, and so he continues to send his trolls to the mainland in order to drag further Darkspears under his sway.

Tortus, on October 25, 2009 09:55:44 (edited once)   [ Reply ] 


This guy is why trolls can't be warlocks. See how OP they'd be? One level eleven without an imp can protect an island from every other troll!

Slavaa, on November 7, 2009 10:32:57   [ Reply ] 
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