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Seperate abilities effects into "vs NPC" or "vs PC", would require a huge patch im sure, but in the end it would remove pve imbalances and make pvp more fun. And yes atm the game is "quite" balanced considering the convoluted steps they've taken to get it to this point. Oh and I want my old Blight AoE back :P not this crappy DoT

Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009



Wonder if there'll be a BG Team Ladder and contest like with arenas........would make for great youtube vids :)

Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009

Battlegrounds :: Alterac Valley

Battlegrounds :: Arathi Basin


This is also a BG where one or two smart players can make a difference. Timing a ninja strike on a flag that isnt well defended can turn the match.

Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009

Battlegrounds :: Eye of the Storm

Battlegrounds :: Isle of Conquest

Battlegrounds :: Strand of the Ancients

Battlegrounds :: Warsong Gulch

Capital Cities :: Stormwind

Classes :: Death Knights


The fact that DK rotations aren't overly complex (like TBC Afflic locks were) is the main source of the noobish player base i feel, why play a class where actually reading the tooltips is required.
That said 2 things :
Bring back the DK unholy blight AoE
QQ i miss my parry sooo squishy now :P

Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009

Classes :: Druids :: Balance

Classes :: Mages :: Frost


Im hoping ill start playing my mage again, can't get into fire, and though arcane pwns....its BORING!!!...Frost ftw, hoping the changes will make it viable : /

Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009

Dungeons :: Kalimdor :: Razorfen Downs

Game Content :: The Burning Crusade


The leveling in BC was, for me more fun then most of the raids. apart from MH and kara most raids felt slapped together ( little bit like Wotlk now), but the leveling felt seamless, and the progression thru the dungeons was good, kind of like dungeons post lvl 43.

Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009

Pets - Minions :: Hunter Pets :: Boars

Pets - Minions :: Hunter Pets :: Core Hounds

Playable Races :: Gnomes


Gnomes are there so that we know that this is supposed to be fun! When you start to associate the size of your Avatar with how tough it completely miss the point, oh and come cata FINALLY gnome priests!..."Gnome Guild recruting..........."

Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009

Realm Types :: Normal


If you could put hits out on players....i'd roll PvP....till then, well till Cata, the lore fits Normal servers more.

Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009

Realm Types :: RP-PVP


teh D4 hurts the most >.< never play drunk!

Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009

Screenshots :: Toons - Gear :: Good ol' Vashj.

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