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I think people give arena way more grief than is really deserved. Arena can definetly be fun, but blizz was really stupid when they decided that arena should basically just replace BGs rather than just adding to the current PVP system.

Moroan, on October 24, 2009


Easy just implement a way for people to get high end PVP gear via BGs. The simple fact is that the main reason arena is so hated is that it is the only way to get the best PVP gear. Seeing as Blizz has already announced there will be a new rated BG system which I'm assuming will allow players to get that gear without arena. Once you don't have to do it people will have it a lot less.

Moroan, on October 24, 2009

Arenas :: The Ring of Valor


Battlegrounds :: Alterac Valley


I didn't play back in pre-BC where AV so for me all I know is the stupid race that it is now. It is so frustrating to watch youre entire team rush to Bal ignoring defense and bunkers for a small amount of hono and costing us games over and over. That said there is the few times you get a good team, force the Alliance into a turtle and slowly steamroll your way through, racking up massive numbers of HKs do make up for it. I just wish AV was fun consitently not only sometimes.

A side note though, I do absolutely love the fact that it takes 8 seconds to cap a flag and that psychic scream lasts exactly 8 seconds.

Moroan, on October 23, 2009

Battlegrounds :: Arathi Basin


I used to hate AB, finding myself easily bored and leaving unless we had a 5-cap. I've found though that it's definetly grown on me and become one of my favorites.

Moroan, on October 24, 2009

Battlegrounds :: Eye of the Storm


EotS was never going to be popular and blizzard should have known that from the start. It's just a combo of 2 other bgs, not a good place to start.

Moroan, on October 24, 2009

Battlegrounds :: Isle of Conquest


Great Idea badly done. First they need to make it so that all three of the objectives are equally powerful, rather than having docks just beat the crap out of the other 2. Second they should definetly increase the honor gained so that it's on par with that of AV. Still giving it a 4/5 though cause it's a great idea if it isn't perfectly implemented.

Moroan, on October 24, 2009

Battlegrounds :: Strand of the Ancients


Easily my favority BG. Even before they randomized who started I loved it. The achievements are some of the easiest of all BGs, the objectives are clear and simple so you don't need to worry about having a stupid team who has no idea what they're doing, and probably most important, with a 20 minute max it was the first BG to have a capped time limit, and still is probably the shortest BG that you can do.

Moroan, on October 23, 2009

Battlegrounds :: Warsong Gulch


Quite easily my most hated BG for the simple reason that you are way too reliant on having good team members. I'm ok with losing because I'm up against a great team, but I can't stand losing just because I have a team of noobs who don't understand things like protecting the flag or getting our flag back and just fight in the middle.

Moroan, on October 24, 2009

Boss Encounters

Boss Encounters :: Black Temple :: Illidan Stormrage

Boss Encounters :: Black Temple :: Mother Shahraz

Boss Encounters :: Blackwing Lair :: Flamegor

Boss Encounters :: Eye of Eternity

Boss Encounters :: Eye of Eternity :: Malygos


Awesome voice but 3D raid fight was always a bad idea.

Moroan, on October 24, 2009

Boss Encounters :: Icecrown Citadel :: Blood Prince Council

Boss Encounters :: Icecrown Citadel :: Blood Queen Lana'thel

Boss Encounters :: Icecrown Citadel :: Festergut

Boss Encounters :: Icecrown Citadel :: Gunship Battle

Boss Encounters :: Icecrown Citadel :: Lady Deathwhisper

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